About BVF

I am building this website to help you make more engaging  web video better and do it faster. 

Anyone can make video today. In fact, you probably have a TV camera in your pocket, purse or briefcase right now. (Yes, your cell phone.)  But it’s not easy to create content that’s engaging. Or that draws in viewers. It has to be relevant. And it has to be well produced.  After all, a third of your viewers will click out of your video after just ten seconds. Half will be gone within 30 seconds.

Better Video Faster

This website is here to help you do this. It features:

  • Video Nuggets
  • Virtual Master classes. (Webinars on demand.)
  • Virtual Boot Camps.

I teach digital media and communication skills to people around the world. I speak at conferences and run workshops and webinars.  I also work with both corporate clients and media companies like newspapers who are training reporters to create video, podcasts and other digital content.  I’m building this site so I can help more people without having to travel more.  (You know what travel is like these days, huh?)

Video Nuggets

The short video tips are yours for free. They’re short to be accessible on your phone or at your desktop.  I don’t want to promise one every week but I’ll be producing these regularly.  You can sign up for an alert every time a new one comes out.  These are great if you’ve attended one of my classes because they’ll help you remember key points.  Plus learn more information.

Virtual Master Class

“Virtual Master Class” is the fancy name I’m giving my webinars. But unlike many webinars which are just a powerpoint slide with a faceless person talking, you’ll see me as we chat about video.  You’ll see key points as text graphics and when appropriate I’ll drop in videos to bring the learning alive.  The Master Classes are loaded with content you can immediately use and designed to be affordable.  We have just finished the first one and are producing two more over the next three months.

Virtual Boot Camp

The virtual boot camps are video learning experiences. They’re more highly produced and are sequence videos. I’m spending time and money to make these go well beyond “webinar experience”. The first will be the Video Boot Camp.

Brand New

You’re visiting bettervideofaster.com just as I start building it. Over the next few months, you’ll see it built just like a house.  Let me know if there are topics you’re keen that I cover. And I’d love your feedback.


I’ve been teaching media to media professionals for more than 25 years. I formerly headed the BBC’s TV Training in London. Before that I ran the BBC’s New Media Training Unit.  I’ve designed and delivered major training around the globe to both media and non-media companies. I’ve helped folks at companies like the Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, DeVolkskrant, Straits Times, Times of India and many more.

I also know a thing or two about training.  I am one of the learning specialists who teaches ATD’s prestigious Master Trainer Program.  And I’ve written articles in adult learning publications about learning theory and psychology.  So my workshops are not “Show and Tell” talk fests but are structured learning events designed to give participants real skills.

I’m experienced helping people learn. I’m experienced in digital media. And I’ve been getting great results from post-workshop surveys.  Today, I’m based in Washington, DC.  A also teach digital content part-time on a graduate program at George Washington University.