Get Your Mic Close


Video is all about pictures. But that doesn’t mean audio is unimportant.  In my boot camps and workshops on video, I hammer home the importance of good shots.  That’s because people don’t listen to video. They watch it.

But you can’t afford to forget good audio.  Poor audio is distracting.  It makes it difficult to follow your message

One of the easiest mistakes that leads to poor audio is positioning your microphone too far away from the sound source.  For good audio, the microphone must be near the person talking. Or near the sound you want to record.

The further away the microphone is … from the person or sound … the worse the sound.

You’ll notice in the video I am wearing a lapel mic.  It’s within a foot and a half of my mouth.  If it is not plugged in the microphone in the camera kicks in.  But the camera is about eight feet away.  So the sound is lousy.

If you want good audio in your videos, follow this simple rule. Get the mic close. If you can, use an external microphone.  If you don’t have an external microphone, get the camera closer to the sound.


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