Better Video Faster Master Classes

The best way to learn video is with someone who knows how to teach and allows you to roll up your sleeves to shoot footage.  Add to that focused, constructive feedback from an expert and you’ll be well on your way.

In-House Workshops

I offer a series of video workshops that can be delivered in-house at your organization. The primary focus is on how to shoot engaging web video without breaking the bank. I also tailor workshops to meet specific needs of clients.  We cover both the editorial and technical aspects of production.

Scroll down for public workshops and a list of workshops I or one of my peers can deliver in-house for you.  Most of my workshops feature a comprehensive workbook that acts as a reference guide well after the class.  You can order copies of my workbooks HERE.  We follow the latest adult learning approaches to teaching media.  This includes lots of hands-on practice balanced by some reflective discussion around theory.

Public Workshops

I don’t currently offer public workshops but plan to launch some affordable boot camps and clinics in Northern Virginia, in in the next six months.  (Let me know if you want to be notified when they are announced.) In the meantime, I have partnered with the Association for Talent Development (ATD), the world’s major association for professional trainers, to offer two media workshops.

  • Rapid Video Development for Trainers is a two-day intensive course on how to create learning video.  CLICK HERE for details.  This is based on my book published by ATD Press, Rapid Video Development for Trainers.
  • Media for Learning is a two-day overview of digital media for learning.  CLICK HERE for details.  My new book, Rapid Media Development for Trainers is based on what we teach in this class.  It’s being published in late Fall.

Ready-to-Go Workshops

Following are my ready-to-go workshops.  These can be tailored to your needs plus we can develop new content based on your media training needs.

  • Video Boot Camp for Non-Media Professionals – Intensive 1-day workshop on how to shoot video with cell phones.  The focus is on working through the production process step-by-step, implementing good shooting practices so it looks professional and bolting together pictures that convey your message
  • Video Boot Camp for Journalists – Intensive 1-day workshop for print and radio journalists who now have to create video content for their websites.  More and more media companies expect their print journalists to also make video packages.  This workshop looks at doing it fast and making sure the short packages produced are engaging.
  • Video Script Writing – Interactive 1-day workshop based on my book, Video Script Writing.  Looks at how to craft spoken word content to support the pictures in your video.
  • Rapid Video for Non-Media Professionals – This 2-day workshop is similar to what I do with ATD.  Only, it’s not just for learning professionals but also folks in communication, marketing, public affairs and politics.  We look at the editorial side of video production and planning as well as the technical side using consumer cameras.
  • Rapid Video for Journalists – This 2-day workshop gives print and radio journalists more in-depth training to create short video packages than the Boot Camp.  Instead of using cell phones, they learn on consumer-level cameras.  Looks at the editorial side of video production and planning as well as the technical side using consumer cameras.

Halls-400x400Why Jonathan Halls for Media Training?

I’ve been teaching media for more than 25 years. I formerly headed the BBC’s TV Training in London. Before that I ran the BBC’s New Media Training Unit.

I’ve designed and delivered major training around the globe to both media and non-media companies. I’ve helped folks at companies like the Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, DeVolkskrant, Straits Times, Times of India and many more.

I also know a thing or two about training.  I am one of the learning specialists who teaches ATD’s prestigious Master Trainer Program.  So my workshops are not “Show and Tell” talk fests but are structured learning events designed to give participants real skills.

I’m experienced helping people learn. I’m experienced in digital media. And I’ve been getting great results from post-workshop surveys.  Today, I’m based in Washington, DC.  A also teach digital content part-time on a graduate program at George Washington University.